Inner Diameter Laser Cladding

Inner Diameter cladding technology provides a wide window to work with the jobs which requires a coating inside the bores like Oil & Gas valve bodies which requires corrosion resistance coatings for aggressive chemical environments, not only for the corrosion resistance coatings but with this inner diameter cladding heads cab used to clad or coat high wear, erosion & impact resistance coatings can also be processed for various manufacturing industries.

Capabilities of the ID Head

  • Smaller diameter - it can enter through 45 mm bore
  • Stroke length 300 mm to 1 Meter
  • High speed depositions.

Types of Coatings

  • Corrosive resistance coatings with Inconel 625 powder cladding.
  • Ni Base cladding with Colmonoy 5 & 6 powders
  • Cobalt base cladding with Stellite 12 & 21 powders.
  • WC + NiCrBSi coatings