Pruna Industries utilizes the technology of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) to create the best solution for critical areas which need the laser cladding & Hardening to increasing the product or component life time in the extreme working environments, while providing a more economical solution than producing the component with conventional methods. Pruna Industries enable reduced machining time and nearly eliminate material waste, particularly with high-value materials such as Alloy steels and Inconel. Parts or components with Pruna Industries process can provide laser cladding & Hardening features that can’t be achieved with conventional methods, such as Inconel cladding, special alloy steels cladding with Nickel powders, tool steels cladding with Nickel/Tungsten powders.

Unlike conventional technologies such as TIG, MIG, Electron beam welding etc, Pruna LMD process deposits metal with a coaxially aligned laser/powder nozzle. Our process typically achieves much faster build times, superior material properties and a much larger build envelope compared with other conventional technologies.

Pruna Industries LMD process can produce parts with dimensions from less than 1 mm to greater than 7 mm with all the added advantages of state of art technology.